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Tooth Diamond

A tooth diamond, also known as a tooth crystal, is a small jewel featuring a diamond stone that is placed on the surface of a tooth. It serves aesthetic purposes, aiming to add a touch of sparkle and luxury to your smile. At Clinic EGO, the process of attaching a tooth diamond is carried out by professional experts who follow strict hygiene practices.

A small cavity is prepared on the tooth surface, into which the diamond stone is placed. The diamond is typically positioned near the front of the tooth.

Yes, a tooth diamond is typically used temporarily and can be removed when desired.

The removal process should be performed by a professional, not the patient. At Clinic EGO, our dentists use specialized solutions and tools to safely remove the diamond.

No, the process of attaching or removing a tooth diamond is generally painless.

Tooth diamonds are usually attached to the front teeth. If suitable, they can also be attached to canine teeth. It’s important that the tooth chosen for the diamond is healthy.

Key factors include maintaining proper hygiene, selecting the correct attachment point, ensuring the quality of the diamond, and using a suitable adhesive.

The procedure is typically quick, often completed within approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Yes, in most cases, you can resume your normal eating habits after having a tooth diamond attached. The diamond is securely fixed and should not interfere with daily eating activities. Nonetheless, it’s recommended to be cautious during the first few hours after the procedure.

No, a tooth diamond itself doesn’t cause staining on the teeth. However, if it’s not correctly placed or cleaned adequately after attachment, it can lead to an accumulation of bacterial plaque around the tooth. Over time, this plaque may result in stains or gum diseases.

Generally, anyone without significant dental issues, such as enamel weakness, can wear a tooth diamond.