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Onlay Filling

Onlay filling is a dental treatment used to repair decayed or damaged parts of a tooth. It's designed to cover both the inner and outer surfaces of the tooth and fits snugly into the remaining healthy areas. The goal is to mimic the natural appearance of the tooth. To learn about the suitability of inlay fillings for your dental needs, you can contact our clinic.

Materials commonly used include porcelain and composite resins.

After an examination, the decayed or damaged area is cleaned, and the tooth is prepared. An impression is taken and sent to the laboratory. The specially designed filling is then fitted onto the tooth. The fit and aesthetics of the filling are evaluated, and the biting function of the tooth is assessed. After final adjustments, the procedure is completed.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia to minimize any discomfort.

Absolutely, we use natural-looking materials that closely match the color of your teeth to achieve aesthetically pleasing results. Our dentist can provide different color options and assist you in selecting the most suitable shade.

Onlay fillings are used for larger cavities or damaged areas, situations with aesthetic concerns, and when a more robust restoration of tooth function is required.

Both are used to repair damaged teeth, but they differ in terms of application area, restoration size, and preparation process. Your dentist can help determine which treatment is most appropriate for your condition.

With proper care and suitable material selection, inlay fillings can last for many years.

It’s considered normal to experience temporary sensitivity for a short period after the procedure.

Since it alters the structural integrity of the tooth, reversing the procedure is not recommended. If the filling becomes worn or damaged, a new treatment plan will be developed.