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Lumineers Veneers

Lumineers veneers are one of the methods used to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance for teeth. Patients seeking whiter, more even smiles can achieve their desired look with the assistance of our expert dentists and modern equipment at Clinic EGO. Lumineers are a popular choice because they require minimal preparation and the procedure is painless.

Initially, an examination is conducted to determine the suitability of your teeth. As the goal is to achieve a natural appearance, tooth reduction is generally not necessary. Impressions are taken, and the veneers are fitted onto the teeth. Final checks are performed before completing the procedure.

Advantages of Lumineers include minimal tooth preparation, quick application, and a natural appearance.

Lumineers are quite durable as they are made of porcelain.

Habits such as teeth grinding and clenching, nail biting, and consuming hard foods can affect the lifespan of the veneers.

Maintaining good oral hygiene, avoiding smoking (as it can cause staining), and seeking solutions for teeth grinding and clenching issues are important.

The porcelain layer used in Lumineers veneers is thinner and has higher translucency than traditional porcelain veneers. They also have a lower risk of staining. Additionally, the laboratory and other processes for Lumineers are shorter.

If necessary, Lumineers veneers can be removed by our dentist.

Provided there are no other dental issues present, Lumineers veneers can be applied to anyone following a suitability assessment.

They are made using a very thin and transparent layer, so they won’t cause any noticeable difference. As they are typically applied to the front teeth, they will not affect the sensation in the back teeth.