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Laser Dental Treatment

Lasers are safely used in various fields, including dentistry, for people of all ages. Lasers can be utilized for both soft tissue and hard tissue treatments, such as tooth decay and gum disease treatments, implants, fillings, and more. They eliminate the need for drilling and reduce the sensation of vibration during treatment.

Yes, teeth whitening using lasers has become increasingly popular.

The speed of dental treatment with lasers can vary depending on the specific procedure. Some dental treatments that incorporate laser technology may provide faster and more effective results compared to traditional methods. However, it’s important to note that there isn’t a general rule that applies to every situation.

Laser dental treatment is generally a painless or minimally painful procedure. The need for anesthesia depends on the specific treatment.

Laser dental treatment is generally considered safe and effective. It can also be used for children.

Wearing protective glasses during laser dental treatment is generally not necessary. Laser light is commonly used by dentists and poses a low risk of direct harm to the eyes. However, for safety purposes, some dentists and patients may opt to use special glasses to protect the eyes during treatment.

The procedure starts with an examination, followed by anesthesia if necessary. The tooth is prepared, and the laser device is used to cure and bond the filling material. The laser light activates and accelerates the hardening process of the filling material. Finally, fine adjustments and polishing are performed.

Lasers are used to selectively ablate or vaporize gum tissue. The laser light is applied to the treatment area to correct the gum line, remove excess gum tissue, or address gum recession. Laser treatments reduce the risk of bleeding and infection while providing precise control.

It is generally recommended to exercise caution with dental treatments for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is advised to consult with our dentists at Clinic EGO for more information.

When properly applied, dental treatments involving lasers can provide long-lasting results.

Laser dental treatment offers reduced discomfort, minimal bleeding, and eliminates the need for incisions or sutures, thus accelerating the healing process.