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Clinic EGO

Bonding Treatment

In today's aesthetically-conscious world, the appearance of teeth has become as significant as facial features. Dental bonding is one of the aesthetic procedures used to improve, shape, or color teeth. At Clinic EGO, our dentist applies a special composite resin directly to the tooth, shaping it to enhance its aesthetic appearance.

The application begins by selecting a color that best matches your natural tooth hue. Following teeth preparation, the bonding material is applied. A special light is used to cure or harden the material. Lastly, the resin is shaped and polished.

Specialized composite resins are utilized for this procedure.

Bonding is used in a variety of scenarios including tooth discoloration, reshaping teeth, closing gaps between teeth, minor cavity repairs, and restoring tooth edges.

During the bonding procedure, the tooth surface is gently roughened, and the material is adhered to the tooth. This process involves minimal intervention to the tooth enamel, thereby preserving the tooth’s natural structure.

Through bonding, the shape of teeth can be altered by adjusting their length, smoothing the surface, reshaping edges, and closing gaps.

There’s typically no specific recovery process after the bonding procedure. Once completed, you can use your teeth as you normally would.

Yes, bonding is a durable procedure. However, certain factors can affect its longevity.

The durability of bonding can be influenced by maintenance, eating habits, and normal chewing and biting functions. If you have a habit of clenching your teeth or applying excessive pressure, it can damage the bonding material. In such cases, our dentist may recommend using a nightguard or other protective device.

The bonding procedure does not significantly affect tooth function. When applied in accordance with the natural structure of the tooth, it allows normal chewing, biting, and speaking functions.